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List of Accessibility Courses:
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This List of Courses provides information about courses, training, and certification on web accessibility from different providers. It is meant to help you make informed decisions when choosing a resource. You can filter submissions to find those matching your specific interests and needs. If you wish to add information about a course, training, or certification on web accessibility, please use the following button.

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Please note that the list items are provider-submitted, not W3C-endorsed. See the full disclaimer for more information about provider-submitted content.


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W3C does not endorse specific vendor products. Inclusion of resources in this list does not indicate endorsement by W3C. Products and search criteria are listed with no quality rating.

Courses descriptions, search criteria, and other information in this database are provider-submitted. W3C does not verify the accuracy of the information.

The list is not a review of courses, nor a complete or definitive list of all courses. The information can change at any time.

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