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Submit a course, training, or certification on web accessibility

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This form allows you to provide information about courses, training, and certification on web accessibility.

Please note that W3C does not endorse specific providers. Resources are listed with no quality rating. All information will be publicly available as this page generates a Pull Request on our GitHub repository.

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About the resource

Provide some information about the course, training, or certification.

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Indicate the level of digital accessibility proficiency required.


For example, accessibility concepts and terminology, W3C Accessibility Standards, basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, etc.

Topics (Required)

For example, accessibility policy and regulations, inclusive design, accessible documents and multimedia, etc.

WAI Curricula on Web Accessibility

Curricula on Web Accessibility is a WAI resource that provides teaching modules to help you create courses on digital accessibility, or to include accessibility in other courses. The modules cover accessibility foundations that apply broadly, and specific skills for developers, designers, content authors, and others. See more information about WAI Curricula Modules.

If applicable, indicate the WAI Curricula modules covered.

Foundations Modules

Developer Modules

Language (Required)

Indicate in which language or languages this resource is provided.

Format (Required)
Scheduling (Required)

Indicate the type of activities provided in this resource. Choose as many as apply.


If applicable, indicate on which platform this resource is provided (for example, which Learning Management System (LMS), Student Management System (SMS), Meeting Platform, etc.)

Accessibility support

If applicable, indicate what accessibility support is provided (see guidance on How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All). Include details in the text box.

General accessibility

Digital accessibility

Handouts, slides, and other electronic material is accessible, including:

Non-digital accessibility

Handouts, slides, and other material in accessible formats, including:


Indicate the estimated amount of time needed to complete this resource (for example, 2 hours, 3 weeks, 6 months, etc.).

Cost (Required)
Website (Required)

Indicate the website containing more information about this resource.

Reviews page

Indicate the web page containing reviews about this resource.

Last updated (Required)

Please indicate the date when the content of this resource was last updated. Consider items such as syllabus, structure, teaching resources, etc.


Indicate the start date for the period of time this resource will be available.

If applicable, indicate the end date for the period of time this resource will be available.

Submitting your course, training, or certification


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When you submit the form, we will review your submission and add it to the list. This will be within a month.

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